Mena House Consultancy

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(a) Our analysis component:
MENA HOUSE CONSULTANCY is different from other consultancy companies in the sense that we use a different methodology and model. We don’t offer extensive reports or statistical studies. Our strength lies in a combination of local sources, a comprehensive knowledge base and continuous media monitoring.

Out of experience we learned that there is a need for obtaining quick to the point answers to direct specific questions. Here is where MENA HOUSE CONSULTANCY fills in the gap. Based on the above mentioned parameters, we developed a framework in which we are able to find in no time the correct answer to your question.

MENA HOUSE CONSULTANCY has named this specific approach the “YAWA”-model (you ask, we answer).

Our advocacy and public-relations component:
MENA HOUSE CONSULTANCY has written numerous articles and has given interviews on many occasions for international media organizations including newspapers, magazines and radio- and television-channels. This is another area where our consultancy expertise can help you to reach your goals.

Our advise on how to make use of existing media tools to present the facts in the right perspective can influence public opinion towards the desired orientation.

Public opinion is mostly formed by biased, incomplete or outright incorrect information. The reasons for this are many. Sometimes ignorance, sometimes inaccuracy but also more hostile, reasons may be involved. Disinformation, propaganda, indoctrination … .

By presenting accurate and precise information in the correct context, a false or distorted image among the general public can be adjusted, modified or oriented in the right direction.